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  1. Playing Cornhole At A Tailgate Party
    Cornhole is a very popular game in some areas of the country, and not so popular in others. For the areas of the country where the game has a following, however, it is often played at tailgate partie...
    Author: Dave Roth
  2. Deciding On Plastic Or Wooden Boards For Cornhole
    When it comes to cornhole boards, there are two basic options for construction. The boards can be made of wood, or the boards can be made of plastic. The plastic cornhole boards are generally designe...
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  3. Specific Uses For The Canister Vacuum Cleaner
    When people think of a vacuum cleaner, they usually think of the upright style. It is the common kind of vacuum cleaner that most people have in their homes. Some people, when they have a multi-story...
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  4. Upright Vacuum Cleaners Have Many Merits
    Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal, and this is especially true of the canister and upright models of vacuum cleaners. Most people think that canister vacuums are a thing of the past, and that...
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  5. A Birthday Party: Another Great Excuse For Cornhole
    For many people, a birthday is a great time for celebration with family and friends. Individuals who are celebrating a loved one�s birthday have surprise parties, take people out to eat, have ...
    Author: Dave Roth
  6. As A Northern Game, Cornhole Is Very Popular
    There are games and traditions that are more popular in some parts of the country than they are in others. One of these games is cornhole. It is much more popular in the Northern part of the country ...
    Author: Dave Roth
  7. The Humble Beginnings Of The Cornhole Game
    Not everyone knows what the cornhole game is, or at least they do not know it by that name. Some people call it the bean bag game, or the bean bag toss. Usually, it depends on what area of the countr...
    Author: Dave Roth
  8. Bringing Families Closer Through Backyard Games Such As Cornhole
    At a lot of barbecues, family reunions, and birthday parties where individuals like to spend time with their friends and families, there are a lot of backyard games that people enjoy playing. Traditi...
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  9. Finding The Right Brand Of Vacuum For Your Needs
    There are many good brands of vacuum cleaners on the market today. Because there are so many options, it can be difficult to determine which vacuum cleaner is right for a person. This can lead to the...
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  10. Organizing A Cornhole Tournament
    Not everyone enjoys the cornhole game, but the people who do usually work on their skills and make the time to play. It can be played well, with practice, by anyone with a cornhole set and enough int...
    Author: Dave Roth

Food And Drink

Food And Drink
  1. Viva La Vegan - Why it's not hard to be a vegan
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  3. Tasty Gluten Free Products
    In the gluten-filled world where we have spent most of our lives until now, we learned as children which products we liked to eat and which we didn't. Now, as sufferers of celiac disease or as a glut...
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  4. Gluten Inedible Products
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  6. Cappuccino: Basic Information
    Cappuccino is a cup of coffee with fresh milk and milk foam bubbles burst on the top of cup. The milk foam bubbles burst acts as the insulator and keep the heat of the coffee for a longer time. The c...
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  8. Loving Food And Digesting It
    Firstly, Easterner like eating hot food. For example, on the morning, Chinese often eat hot porridge, clay oven rolls, fried bread stick, noodles, soybean milk and other Chinese food. All of these ar...
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  9. Produce: The Roots of Good Health
    Even if we roll our eyes when we hear it, "Eat your veggies" is a maxim that we'd be well advised to heed. Our mothers and grandmothers instinctively knew that fresh fruit and vegetables were good fo...
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  10. Does Coffee Have Any Antioxidant Benefits?
    Before we get all excited over the recent news about coffee being our new antioxidant, we need to take a look at the entire picture. Is there truly a coffee antioxidant? If there is, how exactly is c...
    Author: Aaron Matthews Morgan
To HM King David of the Isle of Mann (or Man), cousin to Queen Elizabeth II, come forth, I, your Not-So-Humble Servant to render such Wisdom as I can…

For about ten minutes today, David Howe, a 38 year old businessman from Maryland commanded the front page on FoxNews.Com with the story of his Coronation. In 2006 some Brit genealogist called to tell him that he might have a claim to the throne of the Isle of Mann (or Man). So, he filled out the right forms and sent them to Her Majesty's Stationary Office which after a 90 day review period approved his Royal application. Apparently they sent him a crown, a royal robe and a spoon. Some Kings get swords, others get scepters, but David gets a spoon.

My favorite part of the story is the reaction from the people of the Isle of Man, which I think can best be summed up as: "Who?" The elected government of the Isle of Man is probably still laughing themselves senseless. They are so disrespectful of their new King that the official government website has no mention of his coronation. Well King David, it looks like you'll need to stage an invasion to enforce Your Royal Rights. I recommend you look into some the old laws on how to execute traitors. That's how you get medieval on their butts.

The best part about this story is that HM (that's His Majesty, to you) King David has a lovely website. On his home page under an enormous picture of him, he details his efforts to provide aide for the poor AIDS afflicted children of Insert African Nation Here. Even Americans know you cannot be a Royal unless you have some charity to support. Especially useful are those charities that show you pictures of starving children. Those work best of all. Good choice there, Your Majesty. You hit that nail right on the head.

But if you do a little digging into the Royal website you find his Royal Pedigree. You know, like they do with dogs. Not only does he include his family tree proving his Royal Title, but he also proves that he is a cousin to the Royal Family of Great Britain. Wow, he's cousins with the Queen! Let's get something straight; I'm no genealogist but it seems to me when you cast such an enormous net (like the Cousin's Net), you are probably also related to Cher, Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney. I recommend that you lose the whole Cousins thing. Let's agree that you are only allowed to be a Royal Cousin if they invite you over for tea.

Also, if you take the time to look at his Pedigree you may notice that he has achieved his gentle rank through marriage. Now, that is perfectly legitimate. But, does that mean he's Royal by insertion? If so, then good job King David! I always heard you were supposed to pull your Sword out of the stone. It just goes to show that you cannot trust legends. But it might damage your macho image, so I would dump that webpage too.

Now, there's the matter of Royal Revenue. Until you conquer your island you can't collect taxes. But I have solved that for you! Just sell Knighthoods! There are tons of obnoxious idiots who would pay dearly for a title. I would add a web store and sell them that way. Between the money you can make from titles and the cash that will come in from your charity, you should have a pretty nice war chest.

To invade, you will need an army. And let's face it, no regular mercenary army will do. You need to show your subjects that you mean business and will not tolerate anything but total loyalty. For that mission, I can only recommend Blackwater. It might take up some of the money for the African kids, but you can always pay them back later.

Anyway, I hope you look charitably on Your Servant for his Words of Wisdom and that Your Majesty remembers to send me money when you use any of these ideas.


FoxNews Story - http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,317490,00.html

King David's Website - http://www.royaltyofman.com/

King David's Pedigree - http://hmkingdavid.homestead.com/pedigree.html

Isle of Man Government News - http://www.gov.im/allnews.gov

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hi nami abdi sri mulyati abdi kawit ti lengkong
abdi ayeuna skul di smk yamsik kuningan kelas 3 TKJ
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